A Different Kind of Senior Living in Waldorf, MD

Senior living does not have to mean being sedentary, bored, and unhappy. You can embrace a better quality of life with farm senior living in Waldorf, MD. This is a different type of community where you can enjoy peace, tranquility, activities, and other amenities without the hassle of housework and yard work. The following will discuss the life you can enjoy at this kind of independent and assisted living community.

If you are still active and able to be at least relatively independent, you will get the following for one monthly price:

1. An apartment with ample living space
2. All your utilities included
3. Direct T.V.
4. Weekly laundry service
5. All meals prepared for you
6. Snacks
7. Weekly housekeeping service

If you require assisted living services, the following are some of the services you will get for a monthly fee:

1. Private room
2. All utilities
3. Laundry service
4. All meals and snacks
5. Housekeeping
6. Linens service
7. Direct T.V.
8. Toiletries
9. Bed pads and/or incontinent underwear
10. Regular well-checks
11. 24/7 caregivers
12. Assistance with grooming, meals, toileting, and bathing
13. Activities
14. Hair care
15. Medication assistance

If you are able to take advantage of the full-service independent living option, you will also have access to the farm, talking walks, on-site medical care, security, emergency services, and inclusive pricing. Senior living in Waldorf, MD should not come with surprises when it comes to monthly rates. Everything should be upfront and above-board, so there are no surprise fees or costs involved. This makes it easier and more convenient for your to manage your money and your budget.

Other accommodations for senior living on a farm include Alzheimer’s and Hospice care. Other than regular meals and these accommodations, you can also enjoy a number of indoor and outdoor activities. You can enjoy being outdoors on the farm or socialize with other residents who have similar interests to yours. Church, social events, off-site outings, gardening, bird watching, games, and other activities help keep your mind and body active and happy.

If retiring on a quiet farm where you can enjoy all these amenities and accommodations, this special community may be just what you want for your senior living experience. The expense and work that it takes to care for your own property can be stressful, especially as you grow older and retire. This is your time in life to enjoy with out those concerns. Taylor Farm Assisted Living and independent living offers you a different senior living experience.

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