6 Things to Know Before You Book a Boudoir Shoot

6 Things to Know Before You Book a Boudoir Shoot

You’ve seen the photos: dreamy, romantic, sultry. That’s how most boudoir photos are. Those images don’t happen by magic, though. Here are top tips if you’re interested in booking a boudoir shoot in Orange County.

Shop for lingerie

What you wear makes an impact in the photos. Some want to go nude, partially nude, and some want to wear lingerie. You could go for a bit of all three. Start with lingerie and work your way to the other two.

Pick the right style

Go with black. Sheer is good, Allure says. Stay away from leopard prints. White can work. Talk to your photographer and find out what colors work well with your skin tone.

Pick a pro

Don’t just hire a friend who’s handy with a camera. Pick a pro for your boudoir shoot in Orange County. That’s going to make a world of difference, especially when you see the quality of the photos. Also, pick someone you trust. That way, you’ll be comfortable and in your element when you start stripping down to your lingerie or bare skin for the shoots.

Stay hydrated

Sure, your photographer could work wonders with photoshop. But your photos will look better if you’re at peak health. Guzzle up water and avoid anything that can make you bloat like sugar, ramen, fries, alcohol, and more.

Play music

This will set the mood for the shoot and help you loosen up. The shoot will go much better when you’re relaxed and comfortable. Put together a playlist of the songs you like and bring that mix along. When you get there, hit play and let it run.

Have one blown up

Have a massive black-and-white print and hang it someplace in your home. Have fun seeing how long it takes him to notice. That’s going to blow his mind.

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