3 Factors That Influence the Successful Results of Fashion Photography in New York

by | Sep 14, 2016 | Photography

Fashion photography in New York is all about the results. Is the clothing caught in the right light, is the models makeup on point, will these photographs get the recognition that they should? The results are key. They can make or break a line, get the model that next job, sell everything from jewelry to underwear and everything in between when they are done right. The problem is most hiring agents are not really sure what it takes to get the photographs done “right”. There are three key elements that will influence the outcome of the photographs, that are in the photographers control. The photographer cannot do too much about bad overall design but the right photographer can make the most of what you are bringing to the table.

The Factors
The right photograph will be a master of the following 3 factors that influence the outcome of the session:
1. Creativity
2. Equipment control
3. Editing

If you have to really isolate the one factor it lies in the creativity of the photographer. The right photographer has a “vision” that they can create. They understand the true art that photography is. They know how to add dimension to any subject because they are dedicated to the art.

Equipment Control
The right photographer always has control of the equipment from lighting to cameras they are in control. They know what it takes to get the perfect shot and how to use the equipment at their disposal to affect the perfect results.

Some people would say that the real magic is in the editing capabilities of a photographer to know exactly what to highlight and exactly what to cut out. It is actually a package deal.  Vikram Pathak Photography offers the complete package to get great results!

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