6 Must-Know Tips Before You Start Your Baby on Solids

6 Must-Know Tips Before You Start Your Baby on Solids

It can be exciting to start your baby on solids. After all, it’s a milestone and one that’s going to affect your child’s future eating habits. Here are must-know tips you’ll want to keep in mind:

Go for homemade

Go for homemade over jarred food at the store. Look for an organic baby food delivery in NYC to provide you with fresh and healthy options. These will give your child a good start to eating healthy.

When to start

For some babies, it usually happens by the fifth month. Many pediatricians say, though, that the ideal time is between 4 months to 6 months. Waiting beyond the sixth month is too late, though, since your child will need nutrients from solids by then.

Allergy concerns

Today’s Parent says you’ll want to wait two days before you offer each new food to your baby. By waiting for two days or even three days between new foods, it’s easier to spot allergic reactions like diarrhea, rashes or even vomiting. These will usually happen within four hours of eating so be on the lookout for these signs.

Try again

It’s normal for your baby to wince after tasting new food. But don’t give up! Some babies need to try it about 10 times before they finally accept. Even if your baby doesn’t like it now, that might change in the next few days so you might want to try again later. That or you could mix it up with other foods to change the taste.

Offer meat

Meat provides zinc and iron which are essential nutrients for your child’s growth and development so you’ll want to include this in her meals. Go for pureed chicken to start with.

Save time

Paying for organic baby food delivery in NYC is convenient. It saves you time while providing you with nutritious meals for your baby. If you’ve got your hands full with work and taking care of a baby, then this is the best option for you.

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