5 Things to Know Before You Flyboard

There are plenty of reasons why flyboarding is gaining more and more ground. Excited to take out those jet packs for a whirl soon? Here are a few things you should know:

Know the basics

Remember how to properly use the jet packs. Before you go ahead and get one out into the water with those packs from a reliable water sports equipment rental in Delray Beach, make sure you have the basics down pat.

The views are killer

If you go high enough, you could get a pretty sweet view of the water, beach and sky. Most people find themselves busy enough, though, just trying to maneuver themselves above the water.

Prepare for multiple dives

Swinging your arms and legs a certain way will determine the direction of your jet packs. That’s why you should do well to remember what the turns mean. Still getting the hang of it? Prepare to dive multiple times into the water until you remember to make the right move at the right moment.

Check for fit and reliability

Before you plunge into the water, make sure you check the feet of the equipment. Is the helmet on too tight? Make sure you pick a reliable and trustworthy water sports equipment rental in Delray Beach. Faulty jet packs can suck all the fun out of your session and could even lead to accidents.


If you’re too rigid or tense, that could affect how your session will go. It’s so much better to simply relax into it, The Guardian says. You’ll find yourself improving on those spins and turns as you go higher on the water. You’ll also enjoy yourself better—and have better pictures to show for it—when you aren’t stiff as a board as you try to find a good sense of balance while you’re in those boots.

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