5 Steps to Helping a Loved One Through Detox

If a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse and wishes to recover, here’s how you can help:

Know it’s not a cure

Detox isn’t a cure, it’s a phase in the treatment. It involves flushing the toxins out of one’s body. It’s basically the withdrawal process, says WebMD. However, detox could come with serious side-effects that could have a negative impact on one’s health. That’s why it’s ideal to undergo withdrawal under the supervision and care of a trained medical staff. In case of an emergency, your loved one will get ready assistance and help.

Find a rehabilitation center

The right detox and rehabilitation facility can do wonders for your loved one. Look over detox facilities in Broward County until you find something suitable. The sooner you look, the sooner you can help your loved one get the treatment and assistance he needs.

Look for the right program

There are several types of rehab programs to choose from. There are hospital or clinic-based programs that offer inpatient and outpatient treatments. Residential rehab programs are also an option. Discuss those options with your loved one to help him decide which one to go for.

Decide on how long

This will wholly depend on the severity of the drug or alcohol abuse. The more far gone the addiction is, the longer—and more difficult—the recovery ahead will be. However, with the right program, recovery is possible.

Ask about after-care

While a good detox program in Broward County can start your loved one on the path to recovery, an equally good after-care program is indispensable. This can make the difference between falling into a relapse and making a successful recovery. If you want your loved one to get the best help possible, pick a program or facility with a great after-care program, network and support.

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