5 Signs It’s Time to Move on to a New Family Doctor

You’ve probably had a doctor for years. It might be worthwhile to consider looking around and hiring someone else, though. Here are some of the signs it’s time to move on to a new family doctor in Sugar Land:

Zero respect for your time

Do you often find yourself waiting for the better part of an hour just to see your doctor? It’s not the physician’s fault if there are too many patients. But if it’s become a habit and your doctor is never on time for appointments, then there’s no reason to stay any longer, says U.S. News.

Makes you feel rushed

If you feel like your doctor is rushing to get you out the door the minute you come in for a consultation, then it might be time to consider engaging someone else’s services. You should never feel rushed during a consult and your doctor should be patient enough to answer your questions.

Doesn’t listen

If your doctor doesn’t seem to be communicating with you and doesn’t seem to hear you out when you try to talk about your health problems, then that’s not an ideal arrangement. Your health is too valuable to stay with a doctor who doesn’t know how to listen to you.

Unprofessional staff

Consider the behavior of the physician’s staff as well. Are the receptionists helpful and friendly or are they rude? Do they blow you off? If they can’t remember to send your message to the doctor about your medication, that could be a potential health risk. Don’t let yourself become a victim. Go elsewhere.

Poor comfort levels

If you aren’t comfortable or at ease with your physician, there’s no better time than now to find a new family doctor in Sugar Land. For the best results, look find one with excellent credentials and a reputation for excellent patient care.

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