4 Tips for Hiring Residential Roofers in Orange Park, FL

4 Tips for Hiring Residential Roofers in Orange Park, FL

During a major storm, your roof could be easily damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. Choosing a roofing company can be difficult, but here are four tips to help you.

Choose Local Roofers

Select a local company to repair or replace your roof, especially after a hurricane or another major storm. There may be storm chasers in the area trying to convince people to let them work on their roofing, but most of these companies are only trying to scam people out of money. Go with experienced residential roofers in Orange Park, FL, who have a well-established history in the area.

Check for Manufacturer Certifications

Most roofing manufacturers offer training to residential roofers so that they can learn how to install their products correctly. Passing this training earns the company a factory-certification, which lets customers know they have passed certain requirements and are qualified for roof work. Although manufacturer requirements vary by company, the designations are important for selecting well-trained roofers.

Get Everything in Writing

It is important to get a written estimate from residential roofers before you hire them to repair or replace your roof. Carefully look over the contract to make sure everything promised is in writing. A respected company, such as Keith Stern Roofing, will have everything clearly itemized on their written estimate so you know exactly what to expect and how much the job will cost.

Ask for Warranty

Some roofing contractors offer manufacturers’ warranties, which includes their installation. Find out if the company you’re considering hiring offers these types of warranties when they provide an estimate on your roofing job. This will prevent you from paying out of pocket if the installation wasn’t done well and issues start appearing a few years later.

By being careful when hiring residential roofers, you can get your roof repaired or replaced by a well-respected, experienced company.

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