4 Reasons EMS Companies Should Track Ambulance Fleets

EMS companies all across the country use tracking to keep up with their ambulance fleets. There are many reasons to do this, and not doing it can lead to subpar service for those in need. These are the top four reasons that we’ve come across for EMS companies to track the fleet from Alert Ambulance in New Jersey.

Improve Response Times

When people need emergency care, they can’t afford to wait for a slow ambulance to arrive. It is crucial that the ambulance arrive quickly and safely. By tracking the fleet, the dispatcher can quickly find the closest vehicle to the scene, and send the alert to the vehicle that will arrive the fastest. They can also help map the fastest route for the fleet by tracking where each vehicle is.

Improve Dispatch Service

The next reason that dispatch should be able to track the ambulance fleet is that it can help them to offer better service to people over the phone. When a person is waiting for an ambulance, it can seem like it takes forever, even if the wait is only a few moments. By being able to give the person frequent updates on how far away the ambulance is, the dispatcher can help to diffuse tension and keep the person calm during the wait.

Better Billing Accuracy

When it’s time to pay for the use of the ambulance fleet, the EMS company will have a much easier time if they can accurately report the mileage, time, and other factors that are part of the contract. Good tracking provides all the dates, mileage reports, and so on, for every unit that was dispatched during a specific accounting period.It allows the company to easily check that the billing is correct and pay the correct amount.

Track Maintenance Needs

One of the most important things about using an ambulance service is knowing that the ambulance is a reliable means of emergency transportation. Tracking services can ensure that the company is alerted to any maintenance needs, and helps keep all the vehicles in rotation so that no one unit is more worn down than any others. This keeps the fleet working efficiently and reduces the chance that anything will go wrong with a patient en route.

If you need ambulance services or medical transportation services, contact Alert Ambulance in New Jersey today.

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