3 Tips for Finding an Affordable Dentist

Dental care can be expensive, so cutting back on unnecessary costs is essential. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality. Here are three tips to find a dentist you can afford.

1. Make Sure the Dentist is In-Network

The most significant aspect of finding an affordable dentist is ensuring that they’re in the network of approved dentists on your insurance plan. Out of network dentists incur substantial out of pocket costs, whereas in-network providers have contracted rates with insurance companies. They also offer services that are covered at 100 percent, such as annual routine oral exams. Consult your insurance company for a list of in-network doctors and schedule of benefits for how and what services are covered.

2. Understand Their Practice Philosophy

AsktheDentist.com recommends finding out whether the dentist you’re considering approaches wellness through a full body health philosophy. This means that the health of your teeth is also related to the rest of your body. The dentist should be asking you about medical history and general health, as well as reviewing your dental records. In the long run, this preventative approach saves you money.

3. Look at the Website

Business websites aren’t only for general information. They also often give insight into what level of professionalism and service you can expect to receive. A website is like a business card, and should reflect the business’s dedication to quality. While design doesn’t have to be cutting edge, what should be there is clear contact information, and references to patient testimonials. This indicates that using the dentist’s services will be money well spent.

4. Support for Low Income Families

Some families may qualify for financial support for children. The Penny Hoarder lists programs that support children to receive services ranging from braces to general orthodontic care. If your family qualifies for any of these assistance programs, check with the dentist to see if they accept them.

Dental care is expensive, but if you’re vigilant about avoiding unnecessary costs like out of network doctors, you’re sure to find a dental practice that you can afford and offers excellent care.

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