3 Reasons Why Families Use Cremation Companies in Bellevue, WA

Funerals have become much more diverse and non-traditional than they once were, and the popularity of cremation plays a big part in the trend. For instance, cremation companies in Bellevue WA make it possible to arrange services online. Families can then collect the ashes and design custom memorials. Many choose cremation to arrange simple, dignified funerals. It is also more affordable than traditional arrangements.

Cremation Is a Flexible Option

Families may decide on cremation after sudden deaths after taking the time to make decisions. When receiving ashes from cremation companies in Bellevue WA, they confer with friends and relatives and then gather for memorials later. Many use these occasions to scatter the ashes. However, cremation does not rule out more elaborate funerals. Some families arrange classic church services and include elegant urns that hold cremains. They may even inter urns in family plots or columbariums. In rare cases, mourners have even built monuments to hold ashes.

Cremation Fits Into Some Lifestyles

Clients might choose cremation for family members who led simple lives and would not have wanted elaborate arrangements. Clients can simply make arrangements with providers who will pick up bodies from their places of death, cremate them, and return the remains. The process is quick efficient and respectful. Survivors can hold simple, dignified memorials that reflect the lives of the deceased. These kinds of unpretentious funerals are common among those who are eco-friendly and do not want to use land for burial plots or risk polluting the soil or water.

Cremation Is an Affordable Option

The most common reason for choosing cremation is the cost. A direct cremation often costs around $1,000, even with extras like expedited service or a premium urn. In contrast, classic funerals with cemetery burials can run many thousands of dollars. That does not always include the cost of a cemetery plot or headstone. In addition, some cemeteries require customers to buy pricey liners that keep graves from sinking.

More people now choose cremations instead of traditional funerals, often because of the cost difference. Cremation is also a more flexible option that makes funeral planning easier. In addition, clients may choose cremation because it is earth friendly, simple, and dignified.

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