3 Main Reasons to Choose In-Home Senior Care

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Health and Fitness

Senior care facilities began with nursing homes, which were criticized for the lack of freedom given to patients. At the time of its popularity, nursing homes cater to a much broader community, from those who need very minimal supervision to older adults with high-level of medical and personal support requirements.

Today, the needs of senior citizens are directly proportional to the available senior care options. For instance, nursing homes are ideal for those who need 24/7 doctors or nurses, while assisted living options are best for seniors with no problem with mobility but require a bit of assistance with housekeeping and other day-to-day tasks.

In-home senior care is one option that many older adults find appealing. If you’re interested in in-home senior care in Monterey CA, here are 3 reasons to choose this option:

  1. No major changes – The most common fear about transitioning into senior homes and communities is change – change in the environment, schedules, activities, and day-to-day socialization.With in-home care, only a few changes will occur. You will be dealing with a couple of trained personnel to assist you with daily tasks, instead of a whole community of new people. You can also control your daily activities and schedules.


  2. Freedom to adapt as needs change – In-home care is ideal for senior citizens who don’t have problems with mobility or major conditions associated with aging. However, should the time come that memory loss, frailty, or a health problem affects your life, you can re-consider your options and go with a program that provides a more complex medical and personal assistance plan.

    Since you own the house, you also maintain the freedom of repairing parts of the home to accommodate your needs. Modifying your home with railings or wheelchair ramps doesn’t require approval from anyone.


  3. The costs are cheaper – Nursing homes and retirement communities basically include rent with fees. If you choose in-home care, you wouldn’t have to pay for accommodation. The fees associated with in-home options are directly related to how much assistance you need. For instance, 24/7 in-home companion would be priced higher than 8-hour shifts per day.

Of course, in-home senior care isn’t for everyone. Older adults with physical and medical needs may have to choose from other options.

If you’re interested in in-home senior care in Monterey CA and live somewhere in Monterey, San Benito, and parts of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties, give Central Coast VNA & Hospice a call today.

Central Coast VNA & Hospice offers reliable in-home senior care in Monterey CA. The non-profit CCVNA provides a customizable program to older adults who require varying degrees of medical and personal assistance.

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