3 Factors To Consider When Determining Which Landscaping Plants To Choose

Landscaping plants on a commercial property add beauty, color, and interest to gardens, raised beds and as accent components to any landscaping design. These plants, both annual and perennial, can be costly, so it is important to carefully select the best varieties for the specific location and growing conditions.

To obtain the best possible advice and information when determining which landscaping plants to choose, work with a commercial landscaping service with design experts on staff. These professionals will consider several factors and provide options for plants of all types to thrive in your location.

Sunlight and Growing Season

In being strategic with landscaping plants to choose for a specific area of the property, it can be cost-effective to invest in perennials to provide years of color and vibrant growth. Matching the plant to the hours of sunlight in a specific location will be critical for optimal growth for both perennials as well as annuals.

In addition to sunlight hours, the landscaping designer will also consider plants that do well in a given geographic location with a shorter or longer growing season.

Soil Type

An often-overlooked factor when making a decision as to which landscaping plants to choose is the soil type. This includes soil pH, organic matter, and soil types.soil types Soil types can range from sandy to clay or very rich soils, with specific types of plants better suited to each soil type.


Many commercial properties have irrigation systems, but this is not always the case. Even with irrigation systems installed, it is critical to match plant varieties in a bed or garden to have similar watering requirements. This can include very dry areas of the landscaping where drought-resistant plants are required. There are also plants that do very well in wet, lower areas.

Matching the correct plants to the specific growing conditions for the location on the property is just one of the services a commercial landscaping company can provide.

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