3 Common Questions About Getting Implants

Thinking about getting breast implants? If you’re like most women, your reasons likely include:

  • Getting your body in better shape or better proportion
  • Enjoying better fit with your clothes
  • For symmetry. To make your breasts equal in size

Not quite certain what to expect, though? Read on to learn about a few things that you can expect when you undergo breast augmentation procedures, according to the Smart Beauty Guide:

What kind of implants are used? It’s usually a toss-up between silicone and saline implants. Most women prefer silicone, though, since it feels and looks more natural. Gummy breast implants are made out of silicone and offer women one of the safest alternatives to getting the size or shape they want.

Do implants last a lifetime? It’s important to remember that while implants are designed to last, it might be necessary to replace them after a few years. So don’t forget to schedule regular check-ups by a surgeon to keep an eye on your implants and make sure everything’s in order.

Is the procedure safe? Every day, improvements in implant technology and breast augmentation techniques happen. This helps ensure that the procedure is made as safe and reliable as possible for patients. If you want to know more, ask a board-certified surgeon to answer your questions in depth.

How to Select a Surgeon? The first things you need to look into is the education, certifications, and training of the surgeon. Confirm the authenticity of the information. Don’t just take his word for it. Do your research. Find and ask old clients for feedback. That way, you’ll have a better idea if you’re dealing with a good surgeon or not. After that, ask after his training in breast enhancement. Is the experience extensive or not? The more experienced he is, the better. Lastly, don’t forget to take into account your rapport with the surgeon. Are you comfortable with him? Do you find his treatment of you disagreeable in any way? If you do, then it’s better if you keep looking until you find a doctor you’ll be comfortable with. You can hardly build a solid doctor-patient relationship if you don’t feel at ease with him, if you don’t feel you can trust him.

Research Helps
So before you set out to get a pair of gummy breast implants, remember to do a thorough job of researching the best surgeons and breast augmentation services available to you. That way, you’ll have a better line-up of choices to consider.

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