Mental Health is Challenging During a Child Custody Battle

Mental Health is Challenging During a Child Custody Battle

Child custody battles can be stressful and sometimes downright harrowing, especially if you are a parent with mental health issues. When fighting for custody in these instances, it becomes even more imperative to hire the most skilled and experienced child custody lawyers in Downers Grove.

How the Mental Health of a Parent Can Impact a Judge’s Custody Decision

When there is a custody dispute, judges seek to place the child with the most capable and competent parent. If your divorce was not amicable in nature and you fear that your former spouse may attempt to use any mental health issues as a way to take custody of your children, hiring highly experienced and skilled child custody lawyers in Downers Grove is a smart move.

What Are Your Rights?

A difficult ex-spouse can turn belligerent when there are children involved, and their willingness to battle against you may require the hiring of child custody lawyers in Downers Grove that are not afraid to fight back. Mental health issues in and of themselves are not a sufficient reason to strip custody from a loving parent. As long as you are capable and provide a safe and loving home for your child, your mental health cannot be used against you.

Effective Legal Counsel Can Strengthen Your Fight for Custody

A skilled lawyer will be able to fight for you and state the case that you are a competent, able, and loving parent. There are many strategies that legal counsel can employ that can present a strong case for you in a specialized manner. Family law attorneys are best suited to go before the judge and argue your case. The courts are obligated to act in the best interest of the child.

Child custody battles are contentious under the best of circumstances, and when there are mental health issues, the case can become even more fraught with emotion and uncertainty. The guidance of top child custody lawyers in Downers Grove can help to improve your legal standing and ease some of the stress associated with such cases.

Fay, Farrow & Associates, PC is a full-service law firm serving Naperville and the greater Chicago area. Founded in 1979 by John L. Fay, this practice focuses on matters relating to family law and child custody. Their attorneys are skilled and experienced and are proud to serve the counties of DuPage, Will, Kane, Kendall, and Cook.

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