Would Dental Implants In Wichita, KS Be The Right Choice For You?

Deciding to get dental implants Wichita KS, should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision. Dental implants are often a good solution for someone who is missing a tooth or needs to anchor a bridge or a lower denture. They are not the answer for everyone, however.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for dental implants. A qualified dentist will need to make the final decision, but there are a few guidelines. It’s possible that someone who is considering an implant could make a change, such as to quit smoking, making an implant a better choice for them.

Factors That Could Prohibit Receiving a Dental Implant

The Supporting Bone

*     Bone density and quantity must be sufficient for the implant. If there is not enough bone or gum tissue for the implant, soft tissue or bone grafts might be required. Another solution could involve the use of mini, or small diameter implants.

*     Osteoporosis is a disease that affects bone density so it could be a factor against getting implants.

*     Long-term use of steroids can also affect the bones and be a negative factor for implants.

Risks to Long-term Success

*     Peri-implantitis refers to the long-term risk of bone loss around an implant caused by infection and inflammation. Most patients never develop this problem. However, there are certain factors that would put someone at higher risk of someday developing this condition.

*     Poor oral hygiene would not absolutely prevent someone from getting a needed implant but, unless the patient improved their daily oral hygiene, the risk of failure would be greater. Lack of frequent brushing and flossing allows the growth of plaque, which contains bacteria and causes infection and inflammation.

*     Research has shown that smoking delays the healing process following surgery. Smoking also suppresses the immune system, which is critical to preventing infection. Anyone who smokes and is considering an implant should quit immediately.

*     Diabetics are also considered to be more at risk of surgical problems and of long-term implant failure.

Dr. Thomas Fankhauser has been placing dental implants Wichita KS, for about 30 years. He now uses a technologically advanced system for implant placement, which is much gentler to the underlying bone. Mini implants are another option that is excellent for stabilizing dentures. Dr. Fankhauser believes in the combination of old-fashioned human compassion and the latest technology. Contact the office to find out if dental implants are the perfect solution for your dental problem.

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