Working with a Shredding Company That Uses State of the Art Mobile Destruction Unit

The client does not need to be convinced of the wisdom of utilizing the services of a professional shredding company. Even so, there is some concern about documents being hauled away for shredding. When the client would rather have the task done on site, it pays to work with a provider who uses a State of the Art Mobile Destruction Unit to handle the job. Here are some of the reasons why this approach works well.

Recycling the Destroyed Documents
Once those documents are run through a State of the Art Mobile Destruction Unit, they can still serve useful purposes. For example, some clients will want to use those tiny shreds as packing materials. Other company owners may have a local charity that makes use of recycling as one way to make money. In that scenario, the client will want to keep the shreds and pass them on to the charity. By having the shredding done on site, what is left can be used any way the client desires.

Concerns About the Loss of Proprietary Information
Companies of any type tend to have at least some sensitive information. From documents related to product research to client lists, the last thing the business owner wants is to have those documents fall into the wrong hands. By arranging for the shredding company to deploy a mobile unit to the business site, those documents never have to leave the premises. The owner can watch as they are fed into the shredder and know that they cannot be acquired by anyone who would want to use them for their own purposes.

The nice thing about having a mobile destruction unit show up to shred documents is that the process is so convenient for the client. All it takes is collecting unwanted documents in one place and then pointing them out to the team who will oversee the shredding. Compare this to the process of having employees manage the task a little at a time, or having to package the documents for pick up and transport to a shredding facility.

After investigating the different options, the business owner will find that having a unit sent out to the site once or twice a week will be a great way to destroy any hard copies that are no longer needed.

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