Window Washing Company That Provides Expert Window Cleaning

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Cleaning

The right questions can point you to the right answers. If you’re looking to hire a window cleaning service, then here’s a rundown of possible questions you can ask. Whatever answers you get will help you determine if you’ve picked the right one or not:

What Products Do You Use?

A cleaning service must always come with its own cleaning products instead of using what you have available in your home. A cleaning service should come armed with the right tools for the job. That’s already half the battle. If they don’t, then that’s a red flag. Quiz them on different cleaning products. You want to make sure they don’t scratch or scuff your windows in the slightest.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

Better Homes and Gardens says that this is one of the first things you should ask. It’s going to save you a lot of time and expense in the future. But don’t be satisfied with a “yes.” Ask to see proof. If you don’t, you could be left footing the bill in case someone gets into an accident while carrying out window cleaning services in your home.

Do You Have Some References?

It’s good to know what other clients think of the cleaning service you have in mind. Don’t let yourself be swayed by a ton of praise and positive reviews on paper or online. Make sure you call those references. That’s one way of confirming if the company was being honest with you, and if what its past clients say about the company’s service is true.

How Much Do You Charge?

Cost is always going to matter, but it shouldn’t be the only driving factor behind your decision. If you want to take some time off household chores, have no time, or simply want to do something else with your weekend, hiring a cleaning service is the best way to go. Choose convenience over cost.

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