Will You Be Hosting a Group Meeting in Pompton?

When you host a group conference at a hotel, you need to consider the number of people who will be attending and learn more about the facility’s accommodations. Make sure the hotel you choose features easy access to major highways and airports. For example, you may want to host a small group conference if you are holding a training session, one that is designed for up to 100 people.

Therefore, a group meeting in Pompton can take the form of a mini-conference at a hotel. Hotels that offer facilities for mini-conferences can provide the following:

* Meeting Spaces
* WiFi
* Networking sessions
* Meeting plan assistance
* Discounted rates for groups
* AV equipment
* Conference packages
* Transportation
* Breakout rooms
* Sit-down buffets and inners
* Breakfast menus

After-conference Entertainment

Your group meeting can be a veritable success if you choose the right hotel for your mini-conference or meeting. After the conference, you can direct guests out to an outdoor patio to socialize and network. You might also consider having the participants enjoy appetizers and libations in the hotel’s lounge.

Whenever you plan a group meeting at a hotel that specializes in these services, you will find that holding a conference is both fun as well as inspirational. Hotel planners can help you with audio and visual support as well as group transportation. You can also take advantage of a hotel’s customized catering options.

Who to Contact About Hosting a Business or Professional Conference

If you wish to learn more about hosting a conference type event—regardless of the size—contact a hotel, such as the BEST WESTERN Regency House Hotel. This type of venue has all the amenities business hosts are seeking.

You can hold a group meeting and book stays for your guests at the same property. That way, you will have a central hub in which to hold your business meeting or group event. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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