Why You Should Invest in a Dental Scanner

If you are a dental professional, you probably have a wide range of tools at your disposal. Yet, like any good professional, you are constantly looking at ways to make your practice more effective and competitive. Many dentists aim to upgrade their equipment as much as possible to use the latest technology. Doing so helps them serve their patients better. You may be considering buying dental intraoral scanners. These appliances can make your dental impressions a lot more accurate. Find out why it is worth the cost to get one for your practice.

Use of a Wand

Dental intraoral scanners are a piece of high-tech equipment that produce images of a patient’s mouth. They are capable of creating 3-D images that can be transmitted to a PC monitor. It creates these images through the use of light. The mouth is scanned with this special device to reveal all of the details of one’s oral anatomy. Scans are performed through the use of a wand device. When used properly, produce better impressions than in-mouth units.

The Cost of Use

Intraoral dental scanners do not come cheap. It will require a significant investment by your dental practice. However, there are many reasons why the investment is totally worth it. For one, the machine allows you to add a whole new specialty to your practice. These machines are perfect for addressing sleep apnea issues. You can intake new patients who need assistance with sleep-related problems. This will increase your earnings in little time. Therefore, it is worth the effort to purchase one of these devices.

You may be wondering how much you can expect to spend. A modern intraoral dental scanner will run you about $20,000. However, as noted above, this is a cost that will easily be accounted for through an increased level of billing. In a sense, the machine pays for itself. You’ll be able to benefit from it for years to come.

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