Why Granite Kitchen Counters in Seattle, WA is High on the List for Many Homeowners

One of the most popular rooms to redecorate and redesign in Seattle, Washington homes are kitchens. While kitchens have always been the center of the home, modern designs that offer utilitarian surfaces matched with aesthetic details have truly made the kitchen the center of the home in terms of both function and looks. While there’s a great deal that goes into making the kitchen both useful and beautiful, one thing that many homeowners have incorporated into their new kitchen design is granite kitchen counters in Seattle, WA.

A Common Material

What many individuals will find is that when they start looking at home designs, a common feature in many higher-priced homes or a common upgrade feature for lower-priced homes is granite kitchen countertops. While granite is considered an expensive material, there are many benefits that come from it and it’s easy to see why this material is so widely used in new home construction and renovation projects.

Fits with Any Design Scheme

Firstly, granite looks beautiful, and it can fit into virtually any design. Whether the design is a classic, traditional, retro sleek or even industrial, granite materials can work in many design schemes.

The Usefulness and Durability of Granite

From a practical standpoint, a homeowner would be hard-pressed to find materials that are better suited to handle the rigors of being a kitchen countertop. Granite doesn’t stain when subjected to high heat, such as a pot of boiling water placed directly onto its surface. Most affordable countertops would be permanently damaged from this.

Granite countertops do require being professionally sealed every 2 to 3 years. Doing this will help protect the surface indefinitely. In addition, granite countertops are extremely easy to clean. A wet rag and sometimes a light general cleaner is all that will be needed to keep the countertops looking fresh and new.

It’s easy to see why granite kitchen counters in Seattle, WA are both desired by homeowners and widely used in kitchen renovation projects. Whether it’s because of the aesthetic beauty, the practicality or a combination of both of these things, granite continues to be widely used for a number of reasons. If you’d like to learn more about potentially using granite in your home renovation, you may want to check out Granite Top Inc.

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