Why Following the Advice of a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor Matters

Why Following the Advice of a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor Matters

It’s not enough to retain the services of a personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor and wait for things to work out. The client would do well to listen closely to any advice that the attorney provides and put it into action. Here are some of the advantages that result from choosing to take that advice to heart and act on it.

Avoiding Unfortunate Statements

While the personal injury attorney in Gig Harbor is committed to seeking the best possible settlement for the client, the opposing party will be on the lookout for anything that could lead a judge to rule in favor of the defendant. That includes remarks that are made about the particulars of the case. Part of the advice that the attorney will give is to refrain from making comments about the responsible party while the case is under consideration. Even remarks about the health of the injured party should be kept to a minimum. Doing so decreases the odds of some random comment getting back to the opposing counsel and creating an unnecessary complication in the negotiations.

Following the Doctor’s Orders

The attorney is likely to advise the client to follow the instructions of the attending physician to the letter. Even if the client is feeling better one day and would love to go out and do something, only engage in activities that will not result in slowing down the healing process. Along with the negative impact on the recovery, the fact that someone is likely to see the injured party out doing something that is supposed to be difficult right now could compromise the case.

Contact With the Responsible Party

There may be some effort by the opposing party to interact with the client without the attorney being present. Many attorneys will advise their clients to only communicate with the opposition when legal counsel is present. All attempts at communication should be referred to the attorney for consideration, no matter how innocent they may seem. This also minimizes the possibility of making an innocent remark that could be interpreted in more than one way.

Don’t assume that the individual responsible for the injury will do the right thing. Click here and arrange a consultation with an attorney today. With legal counsel on hand, the rights of the injured party will be protected at all times.

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