Why Condensation on your Windows can be Dangerous

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

If you have been ignoring the condensation and fogging on your windows it might be time to give it a little more consideration. Windows with condensation or that have been leaking even just a wee bit can lead to some dangers in your home. If the Double Glazing in your Glasgow home is failing it can lead to serious issues.

Moisture and Humidity

Failure in double glazing Glasgow homeowners might notice can lead to moisture collecting on windows. If your home is too humid or your windows are not energy efficient it can lead to an excess of moisture which can collect not only on your windows but other cold surfaces in your home. This can include areas around doors, floors near the walls and corners of your home and even poorly insulated walls. When you turn on the furnace in your home it will heat up the rooms and when the heat hits the cold on your windows or walls this will lead to condensation. Although this seems harmless over time it can lead to damage that can include wood rot around windows and doors as well as the production of mould and mildew. Some homeowners will use storm windows or try adding caulking to window frames to help warm up the area around windows in an effort to reduce moisture and condensation. However in many cases it is best to look at replacing the double glazing in Glasgow homes have to avoid moisture issues.

Dangers of Mould
Unfortunately mould can develop in areas you cannot see behind window and door frames. When mould is allowed to grow it can lead to the following health issues:
1. nasal congestion
2. eye irritation
3. wheezing
4. skin irritation
5. throat irritation
6. coughing
If members of your family suffer from allergies or asthma they will be at risk for worsening symptoms. Those with asthma might begin to have more asthma attacks and an increase in difficulty breathing.

Dangers of Rot
Moisture can also lead to rot in wood frames and other structural beams in your home. This can lead to issues such as sagging windows, but can also affect your entire building leading to costly damage.

If you have moisture issues with your windows it is always best to consult with a window expert to see if your windows require replacing. This will help you avoid the danger of mould growth as well as wood rot due to moisture build up from condensation.

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