Why Buying From New Tire Dealers In Chesterfield VA Is Better Than Buying From Used Tire Dealers

Vehicles can need tires for any one of a number of reasons. As with any other parts made at factories, tires can suffer from defects. These defects might cause the tires to fail while a car is being driven. In very serious cases, tire blowouts due to manufacturer defects cause accidents. New tires might also be needed because of an encounter with a road hazard. Potholes, nails, screws, and glass are just some of the hazards that can flatten a tire. Vandals can flatten tires. Whenever a tire is needed, a car owner should visit one of the new Tire Dealers in Chesterfield VA. Car owners should not try to buy used tires.

Dealing with Leete Tire & Auto Center Inc. or another new tire dealer is always a better option than dealing with a used tire dealer. First, new tires can be purchased with additional warranties. The warranties can help protect the buyer from having to pay full price to replace a tire that gets damaged by a road hazard. New tires also come with manufacturer warranties. These warranties will help protect the tire owner if the tire turns out to be defective. Used tires usually don’t come with any warranties, although some might carry warranties for a couple of weeks. The warranties for used tires are usually very limited.

There’s another problem with buying used tires. People don’t know what they are getting. In some cases, used tire dealers don’t know what they are selling. They may have purchased the tires elsewhere. Used tire dealers might not know the history of the tires they are selling. Buyers might not know that the tire has problems until after it is installed. What if a tire has a belt problem? Car owners who choose to deal with used tires are putting themselves and others at risk. Saving $20 to $40 on a tire simply isn’t worth it.

Tire dealers have sales all the time. In some cases, shoppers can buy two tires and get two more free. There are also sales where those who buy three tires get one free. If people who need new tires look hard enough, they will eventually find great deals that can save them a tremendous amount of money on tires. You can click here to get more information.

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