Why Business Is Booming for Solar Energy Companies in Maui

Although Hawaiians love living in their paradise, they are not nearly so fond of their high energy bills. Unlike the continental U.S. states, Hawaiian energy sources must be imported, an expensive process. But there is an upside to the issue. It has driven huge numbers of residents to switch over to earth-friendly, affordable renewable energy. As a result, Solar Energy Companies in Maui are doing a brisk business. Their services are in demand by clients who want to save money, increase home values and protect the environment.

Solar Panels Increase Property Values

Clients often contact Solar Energy Companies in Maui in order to add panels that make their homes more valuable. Homes that are equipped to access solar energy are in demand, since owners enjoy very low utility bills. In fact, a National Renewable Energy Laboratory study shows that homes which include solar panels sell about 20% faster than average. Selling prices are also 17% higher than comparable properties without solar panels.

Homeowners Save Money From the 1st Day

Customers who add solar panels to their homes enjoy immediate and long-term savings. Businesses that provide and install solar panels typically offer affordable financing options which make it possible for clients to pay off the costs in just few years. Energy costs during the payback period are low enough to offset payments and customers also qualify for financial incentives. In fact, Federal and state rebates can cut the cost of installation nearly in half.

Converting to Solar Energy Is Earth Friendly

In a single year a solar hot water heater alone can prevent as much as 5,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide from polluting the environment. In 20 years typical home systems can offset about 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. That is roughly the equivalent of driving an auto 100,000 miles.

Every year more Hawaiians convert to solar energy in order to reduce utility costs and increase their home values. They also go solar because it is a clean, reliable energy source that does not produce any of the dangerous emissions common with fossil fuels. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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