Which Type Of Clean Corporate Humorist Will Be Most Suitable?

Which Type Of Clean Corporate Humorist Will Be Most Suitable?

When most people think about hiring a speaker, they immediately think of someone that motivates. However, there are many varieties of speakers out there, including a clean corporate humorist. Likewise, you can find humorists that can inspire, build up the team, and much more.


Just because they like to make others laugh doesn’t mean they can’t also motivate your group. People can always use a little motivation at work. When you find that morale seems to lag or people just don’t appear to care, it may be time to hire a clean corporate humorist to make them laugh and help them find their passion once more.


The adventurer likely tells stories of determination and courage, and are considered to be inspiring. However, you can still find those that add humor to their repertoire and can still work well in a business setting. Just make sure that they understand the room will be full of professionals, so the jokes shouldn’t be off-color.

Team Building

Anytime you are doing team-building activities, it can help to add a touch of funny. People already expect the trip to be boring or a waste of their time. Make them regret that initial thought with a funny speaker who livens up the crowd and gets them ready for the exciting activities ahead.


Your clean corporate humorist may also need to be generational and break the generation gap. Most companies hire young and old, all of whom deserve to experience that meeting or special event. However, younger crowds may be bored while older people may prefer the dull-like quality of meetings. Get someone who can give both sets something to enjoy.


Humorists work well for management or leadership events, as well. Everyone deserves to let their hair down and laugh without fear that they will embarrass someone or be rude.

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