Where You Should Sell Your Coins In Chicago

Where You Should Sell Your Coins In Chicago

Whether your grandfather left you his coin collection or you’ve been collecting them for years, there may come a time when you decide to cash them in for money. While some people believe that the only wrong way to sell coins in Chicago is to spend them at face value, there are a few tips to help you get the most money for your collection.

What Not To Do

It may not be the best idea to go to a pawn shop because they won’t give you the best price possible. Before making the decision, it’s best to determine the worth of your collection. If you’re unfamiliar with coinage and their value, you can go to a trusted dealer and have them appraised. Most shops will give complimentary appraisals, but some do charge a small fee. However, it’s better to know what you have so you’re not hoodwinked.

Coin Dealers

While there has been some negative attention from a few coin dealers, it may be your best option. They will help you sell your coins in Chicago, but they will buy for lower prices than what the coin is worth. Because they make a profit by reselling them, they are going to give you less money. However, most of them are fair and will help you offload quickly and immediately.

Auctions (Online Or Physical)

Your other option is to go to online or physical auctions. You can get closer to what the coin is worth by doing so, but it could take weeks or even months before they are auctioned for the right price. Likewise, most of the auction sites will require that you pay a fee.

If you want to sell coins in Chicago, your best bet may be a coin dealer, such as Chicago Gold Gallery. Visit chicagogoldgallery.com now to learn more.

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