Where To Find Quality Anchor Studs

One of the best things about today’s global marketplace and the ability for small companies to order materials from suppliers around the country or around the world is getting exactly what you need.

The flip side of this is the lack of consistency between production in different countries. For example, different countries have quality control measures in place and use standards and certifications in the production of all types of products, including mild steel or stainless steel anchor studs.

Finding a quality supplier for your anchor studs is going to be an important part of any job or project. Not all suppliers will have the same quality or in-stock quantity of inventory, which can potentially cause problems for your construction project.

Sizing and Availability

Depending on the specific application, there will be different requirements for sizes of anchor studs. This includes both the length of the stud as well as the diameter. General contractors or fastener suppliers will typically only stock the most common body diameters and lengths. They may not have actual in-store supplies for large construction projects even with the standard sizes of studs and ferrules.

Working with a specialized weld stud supplier is the best option. Make sure the company has a focus on quality and customer support and also discuss orders and inventory before deciding if they are the right match.

Options in Studs

Most jobs will call for the use of unthreaded stud anchors. It is possible to have a partially threaded or fully threaded option as well, usually with the head just slightly larger than the diameter of the shaft.

These studs can be quickly and easily welded in place, with each taking just a few seconds to perform the welding processing. With quality studs and reliable stud weld guns, this can be a very fast and efficient anchoring option.

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