Where to Buy Quality Augers in Oregon

If your business uses feeding and seeding type equipment, or if you are in the construction industry, you may be looking for someone who specializes in servicing and repairing the equipment. Examples of such equipment include baggers, palletizers, filters, coolers and augers. A company that sells and repairs Augers in Oregon area provides such at superior quality for customers in Oregon, Washington State, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Augers are critical pieces of equipment in both the construction and the feed and seed industry. They are sophisticated types of drilling equipment used to drill out various materials and areas.

Augers can be as simple as the type used for earth digging, like the ones used for post holes; or they can be as complex as the ones used in construction for digging deep foundation holes. Augers for feed and seed type uses come in an assortment of sizes, from 4 inches in diameter to 10 inches in diameter. The augers are sold with replacement flightings as part of the package, head drive kits, and other auger and feed grain bits and parts. This might include the grain bit sheets as well.

Specific to augers for feeding and seeding are specialized attachments such as options for the flightings. There are the brush tips types to ensure the gentle feeding and seeding unloading (to prevent bruising of the product). Flightings can be sold in stainless steel encased in plastic tubing, also for gentle seed unloading, and for the handling of fertilizer. The augers come with a safety latch in order to facilitate use by one person.

Leon James Construction Co. is a general contractor located in Ontario, Oregon. The company has over 38 years of sales and service for new and used equipment used in the construction and the feed and seed industry. The contractor services and repairs Augers in Oregon, and are also authorized to do so in several states surrounding, including Wyoming and Washington. The company offers around the clock service and will come up with the ideal solutions for the repair and servicing of your equipment. If you are interested to know more about the sales, service and repair of this general contractor, visit the website, Domain URL.

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