When To Purchase A Refurbished GE Vivid l

When To Purchase A Refurbished GE Vivid l

Timing equipment purchase in any health care setting is always a struggle. There may be doctors and staff pressing for new equipment that offers the latest in technology while the budget simply doesn’t have the surplus cash to be able to make this purchase.

In this situation, or for many other reasons, choosing a refurbished GE Vivid l can provide more than a compromise and create a true win-win situation. With the refurbished models considerably lower in cost than new, budgeting may cease to be an issue while still providing all the features and function to allow staff to do the best job in testing and diagnosis of patients of all ages.

The Portability Factor

Many facilities choose to buy a refurbished GE Vivid l when easy portability is a factor. These systems are designed to literally pick up and go and they are a compact system in a case. Weighing in at just 5 kg they are easy to move to patients or to transport through a hospital or health care facility.

The system itself is self-contained, including the ultrasound, the GE 9L-RS probe, the 3SC-RS probe and also the ECG patient cable. The unit also has its own power cord and adaptor, ideal for use in any patient care area. The system also has a rechargeable battery with the ability to function on a charge for up to an hour with full operation.

The Features

While small in size, the refurbished GE Vivid l doesn’t give anything up to the larger cardiac ultrasound systems. It is possible to view Doppler, 2D and color imaging on the screen. There are multiple zones to focus, allowing the technician or doctor to fine tune the screen for clear, crisp images personalized to their comfort level.

The system allows for compressing of images that can then be sent over any type of compatible network connection. They can also be sent directly to other device or emailed to allow for viewing even for those in remote locations to the system.

With all the options offered in the GE Vivid l, the question is not really when to buy, but how effectively this small cardiac ultrasound can help your staff. With a full one-year warranty, the refurbished models provide a top quality, low cost and reliable testing and diagnostic device that will be used on a regular basis.

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