What You Should Know About Preventative Roofing Maintenance

by | Jun 27, 2015 | Roofing

Your roofing system is more than the top of your home. It’s the structure that protects you and other household occupants from the weather elements. Your roofing system can add or detract from the appeal of your home. Since it keeps problems from occurring and prevent defects from worsening, it’s essential to perform preventative roofing maintenance. It’s advisable to do this two to three times a year when the weather is mild. Use the following guidelines to help you with this ongoing job.

Performing preventative roofing maintenance starts with a general inspection of your roof to see if there are any problems. To access your rooftop, use a sturdy ladder. Don’t inspect your roofing system when it’s wet. There should be plenty of sunlight so you can view the roof properly. Wear slip-resistant shoes and use fall-protective gear to safeguard against serious injury.

Start your inspection by walking in straight successive lines across your roof. Change your direction when there is a roofing element to circumvent or a dangerous area. Look at the general condition of the roof. Are there missing, damaged, or broken shingles? Make these defects with a flag so you can fix them at a later time. Inspect the flashing. This is the place where two planes meet. The flashing should be tightly secured to your roof to prevent leaks. Look around vents and chimneys where water tends to pool. When you see flashing that is rusted or improperly positioned, make it with a flag so you can fix it later.

Look at your gutter system. You can do this standing on a sturdy ladder placed on a flat surface. The gutters should be free of obstacles so water can freely leave your roof without hindrance. Remove leaves, vines, and debris that can clog the drains. View the down-spouts. Remove all material that can hinder water movement. Doing this will help protect the layers of your roof from water damage.

By inspecting your roofing system on a regular basis, you can find and repair minor defects. For more information on roofing services, please talk to an expert at Orndorff & Spaid. You can also visit Osroofing.com. This business appreciates its customers by providing residential and commercial services for enhance customer satisfaction and client retention.

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