What You Need To Know About Hydrovac Services in Kansas

The process of exposing underground infrastructure is in high demand today. Many people refer to this digging process as hydro excavation; it is non-destructive and utilizes vacuum systems and pressurized water. It is important to note that this underground infrastructure exposure process is also safe and quick.

What happens during hydrovac process?

During the hydrovac digging process, a Hydrovac Services in KS professional uses a hand held wand to inject pressurized water into the ground. This helps greatly in liquefying the soil cover that leads to the formation of the slurry material. Powerful vacuum is then used in extracting pure slurry that is stored in a debris tank with a 14-yard capacity.

Why Use Hydrovacs in the Digging Process

Hydrovacs are tools or equipment that professionals use to dig different soil types. It is important to know that not all digging tools will be useful in some soil types due to varying soil factors. However, hydrovacs are more advantageous since they can dig in all soil types such as clay and frozen ground efficiently. Hydrovac systems are also powerful enough to dig and excavate the soil up to a depth of 60 inches.

How would a hydrovac system help you?

Beneath the soil cover, lies a compound maze of facilities that carry natural gas, electricity, water, petroleum products, waste-water, and telecommunications lines. Digging such as ground without appropriate hydrovac systems may injure workers, destroy property, and damage utilities extensively. However, the use of hydrovac systems on your excavation project would negate these problems and minimize the excavation cost.

Moreover, hydrovac systems would also help excavation contractors to:

*    Put many pipes in the ground within a short time

*   Install or dig more holes within a day

*   Work on repair services quickly and competently

*   Add value to your excavation projects

*   Maintain your existing infrastructure undamaged

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