What You Need to Know About Buying a High-Brightness LCD

What You Need to Know About Buying a High-Brightness LCD

If you own a shop on a busy street, putting up some screens on the shop front is a great way to attract people. Screens can deliver interactive and engaging content to your customers. However, you can’t use a conventional LCD screen in order to display content on the outside. Most LCD screens become unreadable in daylight. They are designed to display colors and content in dim lighting. During the broad daylight, the rays of the sun will often make it difficult for people to see what’s being displayed on the screen. Even if you turn the brightness all the way up, it won’t be possible for you to see what’s written.

That’s why you should consider buying a high-brightness LCD for outdoor advertising. High-brightness displays are generally different from conventional television screens. They are primarily designed for use outdoors, and they come equipped with a variety of different functions that make them much better than conventional screens. Here are a few things that you should know about buying a high-brightness LCD:

Sold by Companies that Specialize in Outdoor LCD Signage

These LCDs aren’t sold by tech companies. Instead, only companies that specialize in selling outdoor LCD signage deal in high-brightness displays. These LCD displays come with AR glass and a higher brightness rating. Most of the displays are also waterproof. Companies that sell these displays often introduce a variety of different models. There’s a serious difference in the size of the LCD as well. Bigger-sized LCDs are obviously more expensive. Another thing that you should know about these LCDs is that the pricing varies. Most companies try to sell cheaper LCDs in order to undercut the competition. In fact, some companies also offer discounts if you buy in bulk.

Additional Features

One important thing that you should know about these displays is that they come equipped with a whole host of different features that you won’t find in a conventional LCD screen. For instance, there’s a thermostat installed in the screen that automatically shuts it off if the temperature gets too high. Because these displays run for long hours, they are often at an elevated risk of overheating.

Moreover, the displays are also placed inside a protective glass cover in order to prevent damage. They are kept in vandal-resistant enclosures for safety and security, and also have an air-curtain cooling design that keeps the temperature under control. High-brightness displays might be more expensive than ordinary screens, but buying digital signage is a great way to market your business to the outside world. It won’t take you long to attract more attention to your products.

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