What You Can Expect When it Comes to Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC

In the United States alone, there are more than 50 million elevator rides every single day; that’s almost 19 billion a year. Out of all those rides, the occurrences of injuries or fatalities is relatively low, usually 20 to 30 individuals per year in the United States. Ideally, the number of incidences of injury or death would be zero. Thus the importance of Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC and cities everywhere.

The entities that require permitting of elevators are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). These two agencies have teamed together to formulate requirements for periodic maintenance programs to ensure elevators are operating correctly and safely. Specific maintenance procedures and record-keeping is to be maintained in order to receive certification at the state level.

In general, the requirements include that maintenance be performed at a minimum of every six months and more often for heavily-used elevators. The mechanic or technician cleans, lubricates, and fine-tunes all components involved in controlling the speed and operation of the elevator. The mechanic checks the elevator’s electrical components with devices such as voltage and amperage meters, and pressure gauges. The electrical circuits and wiring, control boxes, and operating controls must be checked and inspected and all findings recorded. The emergency phone will be checked as well as the elevator’s operating speed.

Elevator companies like have varying levels of elevator maintenance that they offer. These may be:

• Basic -; This level provides the minimum service needed to comply with OSHA and ASME requirements. It covers lubrication’s, minor adjustments, and a visual exam. Testing is typically not included in the package level but can be added for a fee.

• Full Maintenance -; Incorporates all aspects of the basic package plus preventative maintenance, repairs on most components, adjustments, and service calls. Information on maintenance work is provided in real-time and is a great package for clients that depend on their elevators as part of their daily operations.

• Full Maintenance Plus or Premium -; All of the above plus service and repairs calls any day of the year and anytime. Provides the client with access to all records and maintenance logs.

Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC should also include inspecting any aspect of the elevator’s operation that poses a risk to passengers including door operation, travel between floors, speed -; both accelerating and decelerating, emergency stopping, and safety equipment.

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