What To Look For With Pipeline Inspection Companies?

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Pipe Rehabilitation

When it comes to oil and gas as well as water or mining, ensuring that the pipelines required to transport the commodity are secure, free from damage and leaks and that they are going to provide continual service is essential.

Not all pipelines are created the same and when considering pipeline inspection companies, there are several key factors to keep in mind. By choosing the correct company, you will have accurate reporting, the use of the latest in technology and the peace of mind in knowing you are working with a company with a stellar reputation for honesty and integrity throughout the inspection process.

Geographic Location

The first important factor is to find out which pipeline inspection companies provide service to your area. Some companies are very limited in their range from their main location, while other companies have more of a national or even global range.

The advantage to using the larger companies with more of a global presence is the quality of professional experience and expertise you can expect. These companies are able to hire and retain the top engineers and technicians, which translates into more effective inspection services even with a local pipeline application for a municipal water system.

The Technology Advantage

Another consideration with the large national and multinational pipeline inspection companies is the ability to access and use the latest in technology. New technology in sensing and measuring any changes in a pipeline integrity or determining areas of concern can be detected using these advanced technology options.

Smaller companies without the budget or the ability to use the latest in technology can still provide quality inspections, but they may not capture the slight differences and irregularities in testing results that more advanced technology can offer.

Older types of technology used in pipeline tend to have issues with dead zones, these are areas with the pipe, up to 12 feet or more, where readings are simply not possible. New technology using specific types of non-destructive waves in the pipe can greatly reduce these zones, providing a much more accurate report.

Finally, check on the years in business of the pipeline inspection company you are considering. The more established countries with international offices and locations will often have years in the industry, which is a testimony to their ability to get the job done. These same companies will be able to provide references and ensure that all your questions and concerns are answered and then schedule and complete the inspection on time and as required.

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