What To Look For In Granite Countertops

What To Look For In Granite Countertops

For new home construction or for a bathroom or kitchen renovation and upgrade, choosing granite countertops in a Maple Grove home is a decision you will be happy with as long as you are in the home.

These are a durable, beautiful and easy to maintain countertop that will stand the test of time. Strong and resistant to normal kitchen wear and tear, they just require sealing every few years and a quick wipe down each day with a microfiber cloth to stay looking lustrous and new.

Once the decision is made to choose granite countertops, the next step will be to choose the actual granite slab. In addition, with top natural stone countertop company, you will also be able to choose the edge profile. Some companies also offer a top selection of different options in sinks, ensuring a perfect fit.

Look for Colors and Patterns

While the veining or marbling in marble is rather muted and sometimes very subtle, it tends to be more pronounced in granite. There are some granite countertops where the pattern is very distinctive and eye-catching as well as those where is highlighted a bit less.

It is worth the time to take a look at all the colors and patterns in person. While looking at granite online will give you a good idea, images and color settings on device screens don’t do justice to any of the granite options.

Choose Your Slab

As each slab is going to have differences in the patterning and the distribution of color, make sure to look at each slab closely. If you need to use more than one slab for your Maple Grove home renovation, be sure to consider how the patterns and coloration differences will look together, working with the company to ensure the slab is cut to create just the look you want.

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