What To Look For In A Nursery School In Pittsburgh PA

Many families require two incomes to survive and daycare or nursery school has become a fact of life for most children. Of course, even children with a parent at home can benefit from at least a part-time nursery school experience, as it exposes them to important concepts of beginning reading and math skills, along with learning cooperation and communication with other children and their teacher. For parents, it may be challenging to find the right nursery school in Pittsburgh, PA, but by taking some time to visit a few schools, it will be easy to find one that is a good fit for both parent and child. Parents and children should both be comfortable with the teachers and caregivers available at the nursery school, and parents should be assured of strong communication between teacher and parent on a frequent basis, while their child is attending the school.

Teachers and caregivers will be spending the day with the children. It’s important that the teachers be nurturing yet encouraging to the students, while teaching them the beginnings of independence. Teachers in nursery schools, such as ABC’s For Children, understand that at this age, children learn through play. By exposing them to story time, songs, rhymes and sensory play in the classroom, children receive a solid foundation for reading, beginning math skills, science, and social studies. Additionally, large motor skills such as balancing, climbing, and coordination are easily learned on the playground. The right teacher for nursery school can make all the difference. Finding one both parent and child are comfortable with can make the transition to preschool trouble-free for all.

Another factor in choosing the right nursery school in Pittsburgh, PA is to ensure the school encourages strong communication between parents and teachers. It’s important for teachers to communicate daily activities and learning experiences to the parents and suggest additional fun activities to continue at home. Additionally, teachers should welcome parent communication regarding any illness, stresses or concern they or their child may be facing at home. This open communication helps to ensure a strong relationship between parent, teacher, and child, which can only benefit the child throughout nursery school.

Taking time to find a nursery school that both parents and children are comfortable with helps to ensure the child’s success and give them a firm foundation for the beginning of their school career.

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