What to Look for in a Community Bank in Daytona Beach

A community bank in Daytona Beach serves organizations in the community, as well as non-profits. These organizations have varying banking needs than large corporations and require services tailored to them. Here are some things you should look for in a community bank in Daytona Beach.

A Checking Account

When a community organization or a non-profit is started, it needs a checking account to pay for expenses, just like any other business. These organizations usually have a small budget and rely on donations and not sales from retail, high dollar, high volume or business-to-business transactions. Their payroll needs are smaller. This is when a checking account that has no minimum balance or monthly service charge is ideal. Other benefits of a community bank in Daytona Beach you should look for is one that offers electronic statements, a debit card, complimentary bill pay, free online banking and unlimited checks with no transaction fees.

Additional Services

Serving the community is what a good bank does. Small banks offer the best services because they can get to know you, your business and your needs. You aren’t just an account number at a community bank in Daytona Beach. You are a business partner and that bank wants to make sure you have all of the services you need to grow.

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