What to Know About Preventative Care for Women

To have enhanced health, it’s important for women to get Preventative Care. Doing this will help a woman find and stop the progression of certain medical problems. This type of patient care can also detect signs in women that signal potential medical problems. With advances in diagnostic testing and clinical evaluations, women are able to live longer lives without the hardships of past generations.

One major type of Preventative Care for women is an annual breast cancer screening and gynecological examination. It’s important for encouraging prevention practices. This care also helps detect risk factors for the disease. Some of the basic parts of this examination include taking vital signs, palpating the abdomen, and establishing a person’s body mass index. A physician will also assess a patient’s overall health.

Most women will receive a pelvic examination. This typically includes an inspection of a woman’s private area. A speculum will be used to view a woman’s vagina and cervix. An internal examination will also be done on the cervix, adnexa, and uterus. It’s recommended that women 21 years of age and older have yearly pelvic examinations. Certain patients with problems such as menstrual disorders, fecal incontinence, and urinary incontinence may need a more in-depth examination or more frequent evaluations. Women younger than 21 years of age often receive preventive care every two years.

A mammography is a main device used to detect the presence of breast cancer. A doctor will also perform a palpable examination to detect protrusions that can indicate cancer. A patient should also do this examination at home every month. Doing this will help a woman become familiar with her body so she will know when there is an abnormality. A patient should report any problems to her doctor so further testing can be done.

A woman can take charge of her body and health by getting regular preventative care. This will help a woman have a better quality of life. For more information on prevention in health care, please talk to a professional at Allegheny Medical Integrated Health Services. Preventative and screening services include counseling, care for eating disorders, and hormone replacement therapy. You can like them on Facebook.

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