What to Know About Cremation Caskets in Orange City FL

What to Know About Cremation Caskets in Orange City FL

Cremation is the process of reducing a body to bone fragments and ashes using intense heat. The entire process takes two to four hours. Cremation is usually preferred because it is more simple and economical and allows for more flexibility in funeral and memorial services. During cremation, the body is placed in a cremation chamber and in a rigid, fully combustible container. The combustible container can be of any form from a cardboard box to a traditional casket. The only requirement is that it cannot have any metal parts. If the cremation will take place after a traditional funeral service, the casket for the service can serve as the cremation container. A cremation casket must be made from wood, cloth covered wood or an alternative material such as bamboo or wicker. Here are essential details to know about Cremation Caskets in Orange City FL.

Green Caskets for Cremation

Green caskets are usually made from natural materials, such as wicker, bamboo, wool, teak among other materials. They are fully combustible and are ideal for cremation purposes. There are also recycled cardboard containers that are made to resemble traditional caskets and usually less expensive alternative to renting or buying a casket.

Jewish Caskets for Cremation

In the Jewish faith, burial containers or caskets should be as simple and natural as possible with no metal. For this reason, pine caskets are generally used and they should contain no fancy handles or ornate fittings. This makes them fully combustible and viable option when selecting a cremation casket.

Wood Caskets for Cremation

Wood caskets are suitable for cremation. They are made from wood, such as pine, walnut, cherry, oak or mahogany. Wood caskets are approved as combustible containers for use in cremation chambers as well. For people who choose a direct cremation without viewing the body, an inexpensive unfinished wood box or a non-metal enclosure can be used for cremation.

These are just important details to know before choosing Cremation Caskets in Orange City FL. Note that the cost of a cremation cost is mostly determined by the type of casket. For more information about the different types of cremation caskets, please contact Fourtowns Cremation Inc.

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