What to Expect With Car Detailing in Baltimore

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Autos

For automobile owners who have never had their cars or trucks detailed, there is sometimes a little confusion about what is included. Car Detailing in Baltimore goes beyond merely washing the car. In fact, the result will make the vehicle look better than it has in some time.

Start with the Basic Wash:- To get the process of Car Detailing in Baltimore underway, the first task is to completely wash the exterior. Along with the body, the wheels and all the windows will also get attention. The goal is to ensure that every inch of the exterior surface is free from any type of dirt or grime before the detailing moves on to the next level.

Waxing the Vehicle:- Once the exterior is completely clean, the experts at Diamond Detail, Inc will move on to apply a coat of wax to the body of the vehicle. The goal is to make sure the exterior paint is protected from wear and tear that comes with changes in the weather. In addition, the body will shine in a way that is hasn’t in a long time.

Taking Care of the Glass:- Once the waxing is completed, the team will move on to cleaning the glass. This means making sure that there is no streaking on the windshield, any of the side windows, and the back window of the vehicle. Special attention is given to the areas where the glass meets other parts of the automobile’s structure, ensuring there are no collections of grime that would mar the effect later.

Moving the Detailing Inside:- After taking care of the exterior of the vehicle, the Car Detailing services at Diamond Detail Inc of Baltimore will address the inside of the car or truck. This is usually a top down approach that begins with cleaning the liner, then moves on to the interior side of the windshield and windows.

From there, the dashboard is cleaned and treated to protect it from harm from exposure to the sun. Depending on the condition of the seats, the material may be steam cleaned or treated with some type of leather cleaner. To complete the process, the carpeting is also vacuumed and professionally cleaned. At that point, the owner can climb in and enjoy driving away in a vehicle that is spotless.

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