What to Expect From a Chiropractor

A chiropractor is a health care professional that focuses on the muscular, skeletal and nervous system. A chiropractor adjusts and manipulates the body, especially the spine to alignment.

If you have a future appointment coming up and want to know what to expect, the following will give you a brief overview of your time in the chiropractic office.

Patient Paperwork

As with most doctor’s offices, you must fill in their paperwork. They need to know your medical history, family history, and some personal information. The office may have you come in 15-20 minutes early as they know there will be a lot for you to sign and initial. Most Naperville chiropractic offices require you bring legal photo ID and insurance card if you have it.


Once you are done with the paperwork, and they call you back to an examination room, they will check your vitals. Usually, a blood pressure check is done, reflex test and breathing test. This is standard so they can get a broad base level of your health that day.

The physical exam will then continue with the chiropractor examining your spine and its alignment, adjusting along the way. The health professional may also check your neck should it be warranted. Depending on your illness and aches, the time spent on one part of your body may be more than another part.

The chiropractor may ask you to do a range of motion tests and stretches to get a better idea of treatment.


After your initial exam, the chiropractor will then speak to you about his plan of treatment. He will go over the length of time he thinks it will take, any take home stretches and exercises you should do daily. The professional will ask if you have any questions or concerns and will schedule a series of appointments to follow.

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