What to Consider With Diamond Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs

When it is time to buy diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs, many men may start to panic just a bit. It is a huge decision because this is the ring that will be showed off to friends, bragged about, and worn for the rest of the fiance’s lifetime. Making sure that the ring is something the fiance will like is always the smartest place to begin. It might seem like a diamond engagement ring should be a simple choice, but with the massive amount of choices available today, it is anything but easy. The most traditional cut is the simple round cut stone, but many women today are starting to gravitate towards emerald cut rings, marquis cut rings, and princess cut rings. Look at the way stones are cut on a woman’s other jewelry to get a good indicator of what she likes.

The metal that the stone is set in is also an all important choice. Many women today have a very clear preference for either gold or white metals. While gold was once the only real choice for engagement rings, white gold and platinum are starting to catch up and even overtake it in popularity today. Consider which metal that a woman will find beautiful now, as well as in 20 years. Consider what type of metal that a woman will want to wear as a daily piece of jewelry for a whole lifetime. Many people feel that white metals are the most flexible in terms of style, but others enjoy the unique rich luster that a gold ring can provide.

One of the main things that most men want to consider when looking at diamond engagement rings in Colorado Springs is how much to spend. The most famous guideline says two months of salary is the right amount, but the fact is that this is not a one size fits all equation. The amount that is spent should not be anything that causes extreme financial hardship. Financing a ring is okay as long as the monthly payments are something that is easily affordable. Settle on a spending limit ahead of time to avoid getting caught up and paying more than was planned for.

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