What to Consider When Choosing Custom Iron Doors

What to Consider When Choosing Custom Iron Doors

Having custom wrought iron doors can make a home look elegant, stately, and imposing. When it comes down to choosing the right iron doors, many people have concerns about whether there is a door that is a match to the design of their home and their lifestyle. However, breaking down the options and choosing what works best for you will ensure the door you pick is just right for your needs.

Choosing During a Remodel

Many people have custom iron doors installed when remodeling their homes. While your home is getting a facelift, selecting a beautiful iron door for your entryway or as a passage to the back deck is a great idea. This will create a new façade for the home in an eye-catching way. You can quickly ensure the style fits your home by considering the threshold, shape of the door, and depth of the jamb.

Door Shape Options

Custom iron doors can come in all sorts of shapes. You can have an arch at the top of the door or a straight lintel. Those who choose an arc have additional options, such as selecting a sweeping shape or a tighter half-circle. The design of the door itself can use straight lines or curves, depending on what best fits the architectural style of your home.

Double vs. Single Doors

You also have the option of choosing a single iron door or to make a real statement with a double door. While you’re remodeling, adding the space for a more full door isn’t a huge problem. You can make a bold statement with a large door or go for something less intense by choosing a single door if that best fits your own style.

Jamb and Threshold

When you choose custom wrought iron doors, these including molding for the frame. These can be super detailed or simple and shallow. If you select extra layers of molding, the jamb will be deeper. This can offer an imposing doorway effect. The threshold complements your door and provides a sturdy base for all the feet that will be stepping into your home. Bronze works well here for some contrast and a great aesthetic.

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