What Is the NCOALink Software?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the world’s most widely used postal services. Even though there is a lot of competition from other private competitors, the USPS is still the most popular postal service across the United States. However, the USPS has significant difficulties in maintaining a reliable mailing list. The reason for that is simple: a very large percentage of the population file change-of-address requests each year. According to some estimates, more than 43 million people file applications to change their addresses on a yearly basis. However, the NCOALink software makes it much easier to process and analyze the change in a person’s address.

What Is the Software Used for?

The NCOA software is mainly used to deliver undelivered parcels before they even enter the mail stream. The United States Postal Service processes billions of mail pieces each year. If mail isn’t received at the given address, it is marked Undelivered as Addressed. With the help of the NCOA software, the undelivered mail pieces can be reduced significantly.

Many businesses use mailing lists in order to send promotional mail to prospective clients. However, your promotional campaign won’t be worth a thing if the mail is being sent to the wrong address. The NCOALink software program will make it easy for you to make corrections in your database. The software program goes through all of the addresses in your mailing list and then determines the ones that have been changed. Once all the wrong addresses have been singled out, the software program makes corrections automatically. Rather than make changes individually, the software program automates the whole process.

The software program is fully compliant with the regulations set in place by the United States Postal Service. For many organizations, using this program is probably the most efficient way of updating their mailing list. While this is an effective way of updating your mailing list and making sure that all your promotional items are delivered at the right addresses, it does not come cheap. In many cases, you will need to spend a considerable amount of money to get the license for this software.

Getting the Software

Getting the software requires you to buy the license. Because the USPS only offers the interface, many private software solution providers now offer their own versions. By using the interface of the NCOA software, they have developed simpler versions to make it easy for small business owners to use the program. Many of these programs also offer other advantages, allowing companies to free up valuable resources and generate maximum profits. There are plenty of software solution providers in the United States that offer a NCOA-certified software program. Anchor Computer Software provides best software solution. Visit website for more information.

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