What Is The Meaning Of Cheap When Purchasing From An Online Store?

For example; when looking for an ink cartridge online and your search throws up a page promising cheap ones; how can you be sure that they are not of inferior quality? Unfortunately; it is no different from going into a “best deals in town” bricks and mortar store. The old adage of “caveat emptor” is a universal way of saying “buyer beware”.

The Real Meaning Of The Word “Cheap”

Look it up in the dictionary and you will find that a common meaning is as an adjective to describe something that is inexpensive because of its inferior quality. An alternative meaning says it is of little worth because it has been achieved in a disreputable manner that required little effort and might even be contemptible. An informal usage is to describe something or someone as miserly.

Quite a way down the list of possible meanings; you will find references to selling at a low price. Even though this is closer to the 16TH century origins of the word derived from the Old English “cheap” used initially as a noun for “bargaining, trading or, market”. This, in turn, came from the Latin word “caupo” which meant a small trader or, innkeeper. Whenever you are buying anything that appears to have a lower price tag than you would expect; under “caveat emptor”, it is up to you to decide which meaning you think applies.


There are both Federal and State laws that protect your rights as a consumer; be it of printer ink cartridges or anything else and these apply to purchases made both in physical stores or, online. However, if the cost of your purchase is relatively low; do you really want to go through the courts to seek redress? With a bricks and mortar shop; you would return to the shop and make “a fuss” and hope that you can convince the retailer to make amends – either free replacement of the item that you consider faulty; or, getting your money back.

If you purchased it online; there isn’t really any place you can storm into and voice your complaint face to face. There is an international body called econsumer.gov (of which the USA is a member) that has been set up to handle complaints arising out of online trading. But, again, is the product you are complaining about of sufficient value to raise your complaint with such a body?

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