What Is Social Security Disability Insurance?

What Is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Social Security Disability Insurance, usually referred to simply as SSDI is program designed to pay disabled workers a monthly benefit. The benefit is available to applicants that have yet to reach retirement age and are unable to perform a gainful task.

Eligibility requirements:

There is more to Social Security disability in Missouri than just not being able to earn a wage. The disability must be one that is in what the Administration refers to as their “blue book,” the individual must have paid into the system and the disability must be expected to last more than 12 months. Basically, the applicant must have earned “work credits,” four work credits can be earned in one year.

Work credits:

The number of work credits that you must have to be granted disability benefits depends on your age and when you became disabled. A simple example; if you become disabled at the age of fifty you need to have worked for seven years to acquire 28 credits. Furthermore, five of the seven years that you worked must have been in the ten years preceding the onset of your disability.

Medical eligibility:

Social Security disability in Missouri is only available to people with a long term, severe and totally disabling physical or mental condition. In the eyes of the Administration, sever means your disability must interfere with your ability to work and long term is 12 months minimum.

To be classified as totally disabled you must not be able to perform any substantial gainful activity. If your current wage is in excess of a certain amount; $1,130 in calendar year 2016, Social Security will conclude that your disability is not of the magnitude for you to qualify for benefits.

It is quite evident that the rules are very strict; anyone considering applying for Social Security disability in Missouri is well advised to seek legal assistance.

Social Security disability in Missouri is available to those applicants that meet a very strict interpretation of what is a disabling condition. You are invited to discuss your situation with the Grundy Disability Group.

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