What Is E-Learning And Why Adopt This Tendence

Technically , e-learning is the teaching carried out through electronic means. It works with a system hosted on a company server that will broadcast the content over the Internet to send information and instructions to students in order to bring specific knowledge.The system can partly or fully replace the instructor’s work conducting the teaching process. In e-learning, teaching steps are preprogrammed, divided into modules and use many features like email, text, scanned images, chat room, links to external sources, videos, teleconferences and others. The coaching with an online training tool can be mounted by the company itself or by any supplier of an existing solution on the market such as LearningZen.

The first advantage of e-learning is the disruption of geographical and temporal barriers. For example, with an online training tool, a course about a new product can be made from any location on earth at any time by accessing the Internet and entering a password. E-learning allows students to manage their own available time within the parameters set by the course and without wasting time on displacements.

Why e-learning? The implementation of an online training tool allows for reduction of costs associated with training through reduced travel and subsistence costs. To access information anywhere, trainees are not limited to their geographical area. With the displacement reduction comes an increased productivity associated with a major presence in the workplace.
Reduction of costs associated with the logistics of training: Learners can access information when they need it, not being bound to the presence to a specific location. Also the availability of online information allows for retraining processes.

Accessibility, time reduction, and quick distribution: The information is available to all employees (or the selected recipients) in real time with a reduction on changes in production time to the contents which enables fast distribution of information.

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