What exactly is a Dealer’s rebate?

In the car business, there are two types of incentives; customer incentives are those that give you cash back or offer you attractive low-interest loans or any other perk that goes directly to you. Dealer incentives, on the other hand, are not the same, but they can be used to make the purchase of a new car more attractive.

Customer incentives are yours to do with what you want. If the incentive is cash, you can take it as a check, or you can arrange to use it as all or part of your down payment. Many times the incentive is a combination of cash and a reduced rate of financing. As the customer incentive is yours, you are free to do with it what you please, use it to your best advantage. The customer incentive is something that is coming directly from the manufacturer and has no affect on the Chevy dealer in San Antonio or the price the dealer pays for the car or the price he sells the car for.

Dealer incentives are a little different. These are also sponsored by the manufacturer but are targeted at the dealer and not the consumer. The idea of the dealer incentive is to reduce the cost that the dealer must pay for a vehicle, and they are often used to generate sales of a specific model, often in a specific geographical area. It is no surprise that these factory dealer incentives often spark a bit of a price war among dealers.

Dealer incentives can be used for the advantage of both you and the dealership. Although the Chevy dealer in San Antonio is under no obligation to pass these incentives on, they often are the motivators that get you to buy the car. When the negotiations for the new car get down to a minimal difference between you and the sales executive, the deal can often be finalized by having the dealer give up some of his incentives. This can be particularity true at certain times during the month or year when sales targets have almost been reached; the entire issue of dealer incentives is flexible.

Dealers have to pay to keep vehicle inventory in their stock. If the inventory of a particular model for whatever reason is slow moving the dealer is often tempted to sweeten the deal by relaxing his incentive expectations. Dealer incentives are not necessarily applied only to slow selling models; incentives can be used to increase dealer inventory so that your choice is wider, or they may be given to the dealer to use in attracting new customers.

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