What do you need to know about Hand Dryer Installation?

What do you need to know about Hand Dryer Installation?

Hand dryers are not difficult to install and the hand dryer installation process is fairly easy. Before you start the hand dryer installation process you need to determine where it is to be placed.

Dryer Placement

It is advisable to place the dryer at least 2 feet apart and 12 inches from the washbasin. Avoid installing the dryer over the washbasin. If you choose an automatic dryer, it needs to be at least 18 inches above any projection, so that it does not interfere with the automatic sensor.

If you have a congested area with little space, you can install the dryer in such a way that it creates a flow from the washbasin to the dryer and ultimately leading towards the exit. It is best to learn about the mounting heights that are specified in the manual of the hand dryer before installation.

Dryer Installation

Most people make the mistake of trying to install the hand dryer on their own. You need experience and expertise to do it properly. The dryer should always be installed by a professional electrician. If you are installing more than one dryer, you need to space them properly in the space that is available.

The electrician can choose a single phase dedicated 15 – 20-amp electrical line. The dryer has to be properly grounded. You need to mount one side of the dryer to the stud. The surface mount dryers are provided with conduit entrances for both surface wiring and in wall wiring. Install the dryer for indoor use only.

Quantity Estimate

The number of hand dryers that you need to install in the washroom may vary depending on the type of traffic you get. Apart from traffic the type of hand dryer you install may also determine the quantity that needs to be installed.

If you have an average traffic washroom, you can choose to install one dryer per to washbasins. If you have a heavy traffic washroom, you can opt for one dryer per washbasin.

The modern hand dryers are much faster than the conventional ones and they are also energy efficient. When you install a good dryer, you may be able to save money on your energy bills.

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